A collection of videos from the many tapes and streams I have collected over the years, some of the video and audio is not the best but I have cleaned them where possible, they are only small in size and eventually I will redo them larger.

If you have a nice video clip that you think others would like to see then please feel free to contact me and as always I will credit anything sent.

EPK – European Press Kit, promotional video issued when Jimmy was living in France and spent a lot of time touring Europe.

TV Ad for Barnestorming

Interview #1 Sounds

Interview #2 Sounds

Interview #3 Sounds

VH1 Take It To The Bridge

The Panel 1999

The Drum 1999

The Kelly Show – Stone Cold Live

Neighbours Clip – Just to show the lengths we collectors go to, watch this clip and check for the JB connection.

Interview – Wavelength

Interview – Laws 1999

Interview #1 VH1

Interview #1 Morning Live

Interview #2 Morning Live

Interview – Real Life

Interview – Real Life – Sweat It Out

Interview – Night Moves

Interview #1 – MTV

Interview #2 – MTV

Interview #3 – MTV

Interview – Denmark

Interview – Australian Made

Interview – 60 Minutes

Good News Week 1999

Good Morning Australia 2000

Interview – Change Of Heart

Naturalisation Ceremony