This web site has been going since the early 90’s and has seen many changes as technology moved forward and I had to re-write it.

When the website started everything in it was in my own personal collection, I would still estimate that over 95% shown here is in my collection, which continues to grow year by year.

It has been offline for a couple of years now due to personal problems but I have now decided to ressurect it, I am starting with adding all the content from the old site and then I will begin to update it with new releases etc, I hope you enjoy it.

Peter Mitchell (EuroBarneStormer)

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September 2021

This is Jimmy Barnes, as photographed by Ian Potter from 1988–1995.

Ian Potter shares exclusive images of Jimmy Barnes in the rehearsal studio, performing on-stage, backstage at his shows, on the road, in the recording studio, and performing at Gateshead Stadium and Bottom Line in London, UK.

At the end of the 1980s, Potter’s friend—a record producer—said Potter needed to meet this ‘Australian geezer’, Jimmy Barnes. Jimmy and Potter quickly clicked, and Potter was given access to all areas on Jimmy’s tours. Potter was able to take these unique and never-been-seen pictures of Jimmy right as the magic was happening.

Wanting to share these moments with Jimmy’s fans, Ian has created this book to share the experience of the all-access pass and what it was like working with Jimmy Barnes.