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The music to be heard on these pages are intended for Jimmy Barnes fans to enjoy tracks that are not commercially available or are live recordings or very early mixes, I do not condone music piracy so have downgraded the quality to 24bit 22khz mono, enjoy :)

Those of you in the UK will probably know of whispering Bob Harris, those of you outside will not, Bob has been playing Jimmy's stuff way back to when he was with Chisel on his late night shows. When Jimmy was in the UK in 1993 he got both him and Jeff Neil (a great guitarist but where is he now ?) in the studio for an interview and to play some tracks live, check them out. I have not included two tracks from the original interview as they were straight from the "Heat" album and not live.


Interview #1

Stone Cold - Live

Interview #1

I'd Rather Be Blind - Live

Interview #1

'The Forgotten Works' (our title not JB's) these are a bunch of demos recorded in July 1989 and you can hear the grounding in some of the tracks for later songs.



Love Is Enough

Love Is For Nothing

Aint't That Just Like Love

When Your Love Is Gone

No Frills

Don't Make Me Wait

All Is Forgiven

Give And Take

Fade To Black

Crazy World

Glory Bound

Body And Soul

Killer Love

Stick To Your Guns

Rock Me Over (fades at the end, sorry)

"Karaoke" Ever fancied a sing-a-long but Jimmy keeps drowning you out, these Karaoke tracks will now give YOU ! centre stage.

Driving Wheels

Working Class Man

No Second Prize

Good Times

Khe Sanh

Cheap Wine

Choir Girl

Flame Trees

'Psyclone Tour UK'

Psyclone Ad From Key 103, Manchester, UK

'Various Live Performances'

The Drinking Song - An Ozzy Classic ????

Luciles Devotion - live

Who Will The Next Fool Be - live

I'ts Only Make-believe - live

'Jimmy Barnes and Friends, Live From The Goldcoast'

Band Intro












Jimmy And Jon Bon Jovi

Good Times - Live

Ride The Night Away - Live